By applying leading-edge data science tools and expertise to our customers’ data and business problems, we provide data science solutions that not only solve business pain points but also create new capabilities.

Our shop tackles unique business problems with data science solutions. We have a proven track record of employing data science tools and techniques to find new buisiness solutions.

If you can bring us a problem, we will build your data science solution. We can build out your:

  • Recommender system

  • Customer segmentation engine

  • AI Realtime for Insights

    • Digital Intelligence Collection

    • Monitoring for anomalies and threats

  • Time-Series Prediction

    • Forecasting retail demand based on streaming web data
  • Competitor profiling

  • Automated Dashboarding and report generation

Previous project descriptions

Recommender Systems

  • The Paloma project Job keyword reccommendation, Making sense of the space between job seekers and talent seekers*

Ever notice how important knowing the exact keywords are when recruiting new candidates? It’s like your HR team needs to not just know HR and recruiting, but they almost have to know how to do the jobs their recruiting for! We had a customer with this problem, and we built them a solution for identifying combinations of keywords from their pool of resumes.

Now, their recruiters just pull up an app, based on a knowledge graph built from running NLP against their candidate pools, and explore the relationships between combinations of job skills and key words, until they find the perfect candidates to send to the hiring managers!

Not only does this improve the quality of their team, but it also shortens their recruiting cycles!

Community Analysis

  • Pubmed lit - Quantifying scientists by studying thier publication behavior*

Data Science can provide actionalable intellegence on which people know each other, what they are interested in, what they are good at and who they have substantial realtionships with. With these goals in mind we conducted an analaysis of millons of publications recorded in the pubmed database. Using the record of collaborations and topic matter recorded in millions of publications we were able to get important insights about the worlds scientists and the scientific community overall.

Value forcasting and win prediciton

  • The biorevoluitons project

Investing in a Biotech start-up? We were tasked with building a tool to predict which Biotech start-ups would succeed (by reaching IPO), and what their projected IPO value would be. Our tool helps guide investment decisions, by providing quantitative valuation predictions and likelihoods to support traditional analysis in investment decisions.

Do you need to estimate what your investments are projected to be worth? We can help. Need a model to predict which customers are going to buy your products? Awesome! We’ve built one of those too!

Whether you need a tried and true AI or ML model–like a traditional recommender system, or you need a full custom data science solution, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve built some pretty cool solutions for customers great and small. If you can bring us a data-related business problem, we can build a data science solution for you too!

Machine Learning Bias Identification

We’ve all heard about the bad press surrounding Big Tech and machine learning models. Google Search accused of bias! Facebook targeted ads discriminate! We wanted to know if these were true, so we built an AI that probes AI’s and identifies their patterns, their biases, and their trends.

Along the way, we ended up building a tool that can be used to describe the infamous WHY questions execs are always asking data scientists about their ML models. Now, we’re deploying a version of this tool to a customer to provide descriptive insights about their existing for Sales and Marketing models. (Under current development…check back soon for more info!)

Natural Language Processing

  • Writing analysis with Thoth *

Thoth, named after the scribe to the gods looks over your shoulder as you write. We built a natural language processing application capable of tracking the tone and emotional content of a piece as you write it.